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Yerevan State Medical University

Benefit of Study MBBS
in Armenia….

    • Zero Crime Country in Europe
    • Study Is In English Medium
    • Indian Food/Hostel Available
    • Free Online Mci Coaching from First To Last Year
    • First Christian Country Of The World
    • Visa On Arrival

Yerevan State Medical University

Located in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan, the Yerevan State Medical University – which, since 1999 has been more formally known as Yerevan Mkhitar Heratsi State Medical University, named after a famous 14th century Armenian physician, was founded in 1920 and has, in almost 100-year history grown to be the largest and most respected medical school in Armenia.


The university was created by the government of the fledgling Republic of Armenia (the state only gained Republic status earlier in the year after years of political unrest) to help further the medical education – and the practice of medicine in the country in general – for everyone in the new state. It was decided to locate the facility in Yerevan so that it was easily accessible to all students and so that its teaching hospital could serve as many citizens as possible, a mission that continues to this day.


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The University, small by some standards, occupies four large buildings in the heart of the city and is located directly next to one of the two hospitals that serve as teaching hospitals, Muratsan University Hospital. The other facility, the Heratsi N1 Hospital Complex is just a few streets away and students are encouraged to undertake clinical training at both.

The lab facilities at Yerevan State Medical University are particularly impressive, thanks in large part to substantial research grants from the government as well a private industry. As the faculty boasts a number of noted researchers as a part of its 200+ professors and lecturers there are opportunities for students to take part in important research projects in all areas of medicine as an adjunct to their standard MD education.

Exemplary students also have the chance to study elsewhere abroad for a year, at prestigious institutions all over the world, including in the US at UCLA and Boston College, and in Europe at the University of Münster, Germany and the Université René Descartes in Paris.


As is the case at most universities in Europe and Eurasia the MD – Doctor of Medicine – degree programme stakes six years to complete. The school also offers a five-year dental programme that is as respected as the MD offering. Both degrees are recognized globally, including by the MCI.

Some Indian students choose to return home after graduation to practice medicine in India and their MD from Yerevan State Medical University is fully recognized. Like those who graduate from Indian medical schools, they do have to pass local licensing exams but those are the last bar to them practicing as a physician.

Other students choose to remain abroad and take advantage of their new knowledge of foreign medicine, culture, and customs to practice medicine in Eurasia, Europe and even North America.


Yerevan State Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 2700 USD 2700 USD 2700 USD 2700 USD 2700 USD 2700 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 221000 INR 221000 INR 221000 INR 221000 INR 221000 INR 221000 INR


To be admitted to the medical degree programmes at Yerevan State Medical University students must meet educational requirements that include a high school completion certificate and the ability to pass tests in two of the three following subjects that are set by the University itself; Physics, Chemistry, Biology. They must also be in possession of a valid student visa and financial proofs that they (and/or their family) can meet the monetary obligations of their education.


Students at Yerevan State Medical University are housed in the main building’s dorms, usually sharing a room with one or two other students. Students eat most of their meals in the school cafeteria which serves a wide variety of both local and international cuisine and most dorm rooms also contains fridges and microwaves so that students can prepare their own meals should they wish to.

Once students leave the school and venture into the city they discover that it is a lively place that is a unique blend of old and new. Very old in some cases, as Yerevan is officially one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. There are also a large number of green spaces and an extensive selection of fine restaurants and cafes to try as well.

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