Ternopil National Medical University

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  • State Goverment & Top Rated University
  • 100% Visa Gaurantee
  • Low Living Expenses
  • Best Clinical Experience
  • Students get TRC from Beginig
  • Who/MCI/FAIMER Approved University
  • Free Online Mci Coaching Form First To Last Year.
  • English Is The Medium of Instruction

Ternopil National Medical University is a fully accredited, highly respected medical school located in in the city of Ternopil in Ukraine. Founded in 1957 it is one of the newer major universities in Ukraine and one of the most forward thinking. A third of the student population comes from abroad and a growing number of Indian students are discovering that completing an MBBS at Ternopil National Medical University is an excellent alternative to the very competitive – and often very expensive – medical schools back in India.

Ternopil National Medical University Basic Facts

As mentioned, the Ternopil National Medical University was founded in 1957, as a part of a government initiative to improve public health in Ukraine and to provide an education to those native students who did not reside in the capital city of Kiev and came from the more rural areas in the west of the Ukraine, for whom the city of Ternopil was far more convenient.

Over the course of more than five decades some of the most respected physicians in Ukraine today received their MD from Ternopil National Medical University.


Ternopil National Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 3800 USD 4420 USD 4420 USD 4520 USD 4620 USD 4620 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 272600 INR 318240 INR 318240 INR 325440 INR 332640 INR 332640 INR


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In the 21st century, the school boasts some of the most technologically advanced labs in Eastern Europe as well as a faculty made up of professors, lecturers and guest instructors who have practiced medicine all over the world and presented a number of groundbreaking research papers.

In terms of clinical experience, in addition to studying and working in the University’s teaching hospital, an institution that serves thousands of citizens of Ternopil every year the University, its faculty and students have helped to rebuild and revitalize a number of rural clinics that offer students a different medical practice experience and very useful extra experience.


As is the case across Europe it takes six years of study to complete an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree at Ternopil National Medical University. The degree is accepted and accredited around the world, including by the MCI. Should an Indian student wish to return home to practice medicine after completing their degree it will be fully accepted in

order for them to do so, provided they can pass the local licensing exams that every doctor must, including those educated in India.

Some students do not return to India to work however and choose, instead, to pursue career opportunities across the European Union – Ukraine has close ties to the EU and is the application process to become a full member – and even in Canada.


To gain entrance to the Ternopil National Medical University students must meet educational requirements that include a high school completion certificate and certain marks goals, but it is generally agreed that although the educational standards are very high it easier to obtain admission to Ternopil National Medical University than it is to gain acceptance to many Indian medical schools.


Because there is such a large number of international students in attendance at Ternopil National Medical University at any given time many Indian students who were a little unsure about leaving home and heading abroad to study are very pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and familiar their experience there is.

International students are housed in the ‘International Village’ dorms and great efforts are made to ensure that they can retain and practice all of the traditions and holidays they are used to while also learning about those of others. Students are also encouraged to play their favorite sports from home and the Indian cricket team at Ternopil National Medical University is known as a real force to be reckoned with.

Meals are provided in the school canteens and the cuisine offered is from all over the world, once again, to reflect the very diverse nature of the student body.

Outside the school, the city of Ternopil is a beautiful, riverfront city that offers a mix of the old and traditional and the very modern. It’s also an incredibly green city, with miles and miles of parks to explore and enjoy, along with the lovely waterfront.

The city is also a magnet for those who love history, as historical, architectural and cultural landmarks can be found in abundance on Ternopil’s outskirts: almost every town and every village contain the ruins of some medieval castle, ancient church or monastery and they are all fascinating to explore.

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