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Nicolae Testemitanu University


  • Affordable Tution Fees.
  • Get TRC Form Begining Of Medicine Program.
  • Study Is In English Medium
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  • Best Clinical Experience
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Nicolae Testemitanu University

Founded just after World War II, at the end of 1945, Nicolae Testemitanu University is located in the sovereign Eastern European nation of the Republic of Moldova at the heart of its capital city Chişinău. A highly respected, state-funded institution, Nicolae Testemitanu University also welcomes international medical students, including an increasing number of Indian students seeking to pursue an MBBS.


The Chişinău State University of Pharmacy and Medicine was first established in October 1945, not only as an educational institution but as an active teaching hospital designed to cater to the large numbers of casualties of war who still needed treatment. Its earliest students received an extremely rigorous training and education because of this and some of them went on to be highly respected research physicians and scientists.

In 1990 the University was renamed in the honor of one of those early students, Nicolae Testemițanu, a man who went on to become a respected surgeon, scientist, speaker and the Minister of Health of the old Moldavian SSR between 1963 and 1968.


The medical educational facilities at Nicolae Testemitanu University are recognized as some of the best in Eastern Europe. In addition to MD (medical doctor) candidates, the University also offers dental (DDS) degrees as well as pharmaceutical qualifications.

Thanks to the wide variety of medical disciplines on offer for study the school’s active medical facilities, including its teaching hospital, offer students the chance to not only receive a degree that will be accepted and recognized worldwide but also the opportunity to take part in very innovative and cutting-edge medical research. Numerous faculty members – assisted by their students – are currently actively engaged in helping shape the new National Healthcare Service practices and guidelines that will be implemented across Moldova.


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The course of study at Nicolae Testemitanu University in order to obtain a standard MD degree (also known as a Doctor of Medicine) is usually completed in six years. Once awarded the degree is accepted and recognized across the world, including by the MCI.

A graduate returning to India will be able to practice medicine provided they can pass local licensing exams, a requirement for all doctors. In addition, thanks to their experience in European medicine Indian MD graduates often also seek – and find – employment across the European Union and even in Canada.


One of the biggest reasons an increasing number of Indian students are choosing to study medicine abroad is the intense competition that exists in order for them to gain admission to a medical school in India. Although there are still strict standards to be met the admissions process for acceptance to Nicolae Testemitanu University is considered to be somewhat easier and accessible and tuition rates are extremely fair.

In addition to meeting basic educational requirements students will be required to have the appropriate student visa and proofs that they (and/or their family) will be able to meet their financial obligations to Nicolae Testemitanu University.


Nicolae Testemitanu University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars € 3950 € 3950 € 3950 € 3950 € 3950 € 3950
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 358050 INR 358050 INR 358050 INR 358050 INR 358050 INR 358050 INR


Nicolae Testemitanu University is located in the heart of the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinău. Chişinău is a city with a long history – it was founded as a monastic village for Russian monks in the 14th century – but as it is at the heart of a relatively young democracy it is also very modern and forward-thinking and welcoming to new residents from all over the world.

Students at Nicolae Testemitanu University are accommodated in on-campus dorms, usually sharing a comfortable dorm room with one or two other students. An onsite cafeteria provides students with most of their meals but as there is a large variety of cuisines available in Chişinău students often ‘eat out’ a few times a month at least.

In terms of culture and recreation Chişinău is home to a number of museums and art galleries and walks around the older section of the city can prove fascinating. As the city sits on the banks of the River Bic there is also a lively downtown waterfront to explore and enjoy, along with a large botanical garden that is one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

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