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For decades, one of the most respected courses of study for Indian students to follow has been an MBBS. However, thanks to rising costs and significantly increased competition, doing so may be harder than ever before.

No matter where it is taken though, an MBBS opens the door to careers in medicine that can be both very lucrative and very satisfying. In addition, the skills and knowledge in medicine gained by an MBBS graduate are in demand all over the world, making it one of the most useful – and easily transferable – careers of all. Little wonder then that so many Indian students aspire to be doctors.

In the 21st century all too often, however, that desire is not recognized. BecauseIndian medical schools have become so expensive and competitive even very talented students – students who would make excellent doctors – are giving up on their dreams and heading into other career fields.

However, more and more Indian students are finding that there is another alternative; a different path to a highly accredited MBBS. These students are discovering that completing an MBBS abroad still offers them the high quality of education that any good doctor needs but at a lower cost and with fewer admission hassles.

There are a number of different choices available when it comes to studying for an MBBS abroad. Studying for an MBBS in Moldova is one of them.


More formally known as The Republic of Moldova, Moldova is a small country located in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the east and Ukraine to the west. Formerly a part of the Principality of Moldavia the country gained independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Today it is a multi-party democracy with strong ties to Europe, with an active application to join the EU currently in place.


An MBBS in Moldova takes 6 years for a student to complete. This is six months longer than some of the MBBS programmes in Indian universities but that is not reflected in the form of higher costs or in standards that are not as high as those set in Indian universities.

Classes are conducted in English and once completed, an MBBS from Moldova is fully accepted across the globe, including India, providing the candidate can meet the local licensing requirements (the norm for any aspiring doctor)


As we mentioned, entrance to Indian medical schools is becoming more and more difficult to obtain and that in itself is one of the biggest reasons Indian students are choosing an MBBS in Moldova. However, there are other good reasons to consider doing so:

The costs of obtaining an MBBS in Moldova are significantly lower than those in India. As finances are of great imprtance to many aspiring Indian doctors (and their families) an MBBS in Moldova helps ensure that talented students do not have to give up on their chosen educational path simply because the costs are too high.

Students from India pursuing an MBBS in Moldova usually take their classes – in English – at Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The school is a highly respected one – not just in Eastern Europe but across the world. It is often the site of major medical conferences and its clinical facilities are of a very high standard. Students have the opportunity to learn from – and interact with – some of the finest medical minds in the world.

Going abroad to study for an MBBS offers Indian students a chance to broaden their horizons, learn about other cultures first hand and gain independence in a way that studying at home does not. The skills – including the life skills – learned while studying for an MBBS in Moldova prove invaluable for life.


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As Moldova is located over 3,000 miles from India the thought of living there for an extended period can be a daunting one for students and for their families. So, what is Moldova like to live in is a question most of those considering an MBBS in Moldova often have. Here are some basic facts that can help answer that question:

Language – Romanian is the official language of the country, but many people also speak English and Russian fluently as well. Often foreign students find that, just through daily interactions, by the time they go home they have picked up at least one new language, an advantage in all kinds of ways.

Culture – Moldova’s dark, rich soil and very pleasant continental climate – the summers are warm and the winters are mild – have made the country a centre for successful agriculture since ancient times. Much of the country is very pastoral, and the multitude of wonderful wineries and farms available to visit offer both cultural learning and culinary delights.


The Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy is located in Moldova’s capital city, Chișinău, and so it is there that Indian MBBS students will be spending most of their time.

Chișinău is a lively, metropolitan city that boasts both modern and ancient architecture, a number of museums and art galleries, as well open green spaces to enjoy. There is also an active music scene and football is a hugely popular pastime for players and spectators.

A busy trolley bus network makes it easy – and affordable – to get around Chișinău. And in terms of food – often a big concern for Indian students – the cuisine is diverse, encompassing both European and Asian influences. And wine is a big deal wherever you go!


There are certain requirements to be met in order for a student to gain acceptance into an MBBS in Moldova programme and into Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in general. These include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • The student must be 17 years old in the December preceding entrance to the MBBS programme.
  • The student must have completed their high school education, have taken the high school exam and scored at least 50% in PCB Group
  • For General/Open Class students a scored of at least 50% in PCB Group will be required.
  • ST/SC/OBC will need to have scored at least 45% in PCB Group
  • A general physical examination will be required for all students
  • A student must be in possession of a valid student visa
  • Students will need to provide a number of other documents and proofs related to their education and their finances – and/or their parents’ finances as applicable. To help ensure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible our education experts are always available to assist in ensuring that all documents are in order and that the visa process runs according to plan.

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