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Study MBBS in Georgia

  • WHO/MCI approved University
  • Course Duration 6 Years
  • State Government University’s
  • Two Intakes in a year March/Sep
  • Students can work any European Country after Complete MBBS
  • Lowest Tution Fees
  • Safest Country In the World

The MBBS, as offered in India, is one of the world’s most demanding, but comprehensive and complete, medical qualifications. And for those who manage to complete the six-year course of study, it leads to one of the most satisfying, respected, and lucrative careers in the world. Getting there is not easy though.

Gaining admission to an MBBS program in India is hard, and some say it gets harder every year. It can be a very expensive undertaking as well. It’s for these reasons that every year thousands of talented students who may very well have the potential to become excellent doctors give up on their dreams and choose a different career instead.

But now, thanks to the chance to complete MBBS in Georgia, it does not have to be that way. By choosing to study abroad and complete their MBBS Study in Georgia hundreds of Indian students are getting the high-quality education they need to pursue a career in medicine in a way that involves less hassle, less testing and less expense.


Georgia is located at the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe and claims Russia, Turkey, and Armenia as neighbours. It is not, as some mistakenly believe a part of Russia or a member of the European Union. It is, however, a modern, independent country with a lot to offer, especially to those hoping to complete an MBBS.


Just like an MBBS completed in India, the Study MBBS Program in Georgia involves a six-year course of study. It covers the same academic and practical work as an MBBS taken in India and it, like the Indian MBBS, is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and approved by Medical Council of India (MCI – Medical Council of India). An MBBS completed in Georgia is accepted across the world.


As similar as they are in many ways an MBBS in India and an MBBS Study in Georgia differ in some significant ways, many of them very beneficial to the student and their families. These advantages include all of the following.

  • Students are not required to sit an entrance exam or meet IELTS/TOEFL requirements to gain admission to an MBBS Study in Georgia.
  • The costs associated with a Study MBBS in Europe / Georgia are far lower than those of an MBBS in India.
  • Hospital facilities attached to universities in Georgia offering an MBBS degree programme are some of the most advanced in Europe and offer excellent hands-on experience and practical training opportunities for students.
  • For Indian students wishing to work abroad once qualified, studying in Georgia offers an excellent introduction to medicine as it is practised in Europe.
  • Should students studying for an Medicine in Georgia wish to take the MCI Screening Test, special tutoring and academic assistance is available.
  • Students can apply for the MBBS in Georgia as soon as their high school education is completed and the qualifications and requirements to do so are well-defined and clear-cut.
  • An MBBS Program in Georgian University is an option for a more mature student as there is no upper age limit for admission.
  • For students seeking to broaden their cultural and geographical horizons, studying in Georgia offers them an excellent opportunity to do so.


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For a student fresh out of high school, the idea of traveling abroad to continue their education may seem rather daunting. It can also be a rather worrying prospect for the students’ parents to have to consider. That’s why it is likely that the question “what is like to live in Georgia?” is one that is likely to come up early in any discussions about the MBBS Program in Georgia. Here is a little information that may help:

  • Georgia is a small country, but a lot is packed into a relatively small area. It offers a vibrant mix of cultures, a colorful history, access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the kind of high standards of living one would expect from a growing country in Europe.
  • Most Georgians speak English and all classes are conducted in English.
  • Georgians are known for their warmth towards foreigners. In fact, “A guest is a gift from God” is a popular saying in Georgia and the people certainly welcome foreign guests in that spirit.
  • The cost of day to day living in Georgia is relatively inexpensive and the crime rate is low.
  • The climate in Georgia is varied, but temperate and never too extreme. It can be a little rainy at times, but most Indian students find they get used to -and even enjoy – the weather very quickly.
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities are plentiful. From mountain climbing to exploring vineyards and farmlands to taking in the varied sights and sounds of cities that are a unique combination of the modern and the ancient there really is something for everyone.
  • Although the culture is diverse and different, Indian students can still find plenty of Asian influences in Georgia and, if they are feeling a little homesick, an Indian restaurant will never be too far away.


Although it is often easier for an Indian student to obtain admission into an MBBS Program in Georgia programme than it might be back at home, there are still standards and requirements that have to be met for them to do so. These include:

  • The student must be at least seventeen years old.
  • General/Open Class students will need to have completed high school and taken the high school exam and scored at least 50% in PCB Group.
  • ST/SC/OBC will need to have completed high school and taken the high school exam and scored at least 45% in PCB Group.

Document Requirements

  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate (In English)
  • Passing Certificate/Migration Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (In English)
  • Passport
  • 6 Passport size Photos (Matte Finish – White Background)
  • Travel & Health Insurance
  • Copies of Parent/Guardian bank statements dating back six months

A visa is required for foreign students to be admitted to study in Georgia. This visa should be arranged well in advance of a student’s planned entrance into a Georgian university.

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