Benefit of Study MBBS
in Armenia….

    • Zero Crime Country in Europe
    • Study Is In English Medium
    • Indian Food/Hostel Available
    • Free Online Mci Coaching from First To Last Year
    • First Christian Country Of The World
    • Visa On Arrival

For students in India, the MBBS is one of the most comprehensive and respected, but very challenging, medical qualification courses in the world. The end result, a lucrative and highly satisfying career in medicine and skills that are in high demand all over the world, is an extremely desirable one, but the work – and money – it takes to get an MBBS in India can be overwhelming.

That is if you can even gain admission to such a programme in the first place. Indian medical schools have become both more competitive and more expensive than ever. Every year students who had the drive – and the potential – to become the excellent doctors needed all over the world miss out on their dream and choose a different occupation, simply because getting an MBBS in India seemed like an impossibility.

The good news is that it does not have to be that way. More and more Indian students are choosing – quite sensibly – to go abroad to complete an MBBS, opting to attend foreign universities that offer a high standard MBBS but at a significantly lower cost and with far fewer admission hassles. One of the most popular choices at the moment is completing an MBBS in Armenia.

Where is Armenia?

The ancient land of Armenia is a landlocked country located in the South Caucasus region, between Europe and Asia. It is bordered to the north by Georgia, to the south by Iran, to the west by Turkey and to the east by Azerbaijan. Some people mistakenly believe it is a part of the Middle East, but that’s not the case. In fact, this small, mountainous land is considered to be exactly at the crossroads of the two continents of Europe and Asia, and it’s long, rich history means that the country itself is filled with influence from both.


As is the case for most MBBS programmes, an MBBS in Armenia will take six years to complete. Each university offering the course does so in English. Although the official language of Armenia is Armenian, and Greek and Russian are also commonly spoken so is English, and it is in English that MBBS classes are taught.

The coursework and practical hands-on training received when taking an MBBS in Armenia is of a very high standard and, once completed and with a degree granted, an MBBS from an Armenian university is accepted all over the world.


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Although it may seem a long way from India and the idea of traveling so far afield can be daunting for a young person there are a number of advantages offered by an MBBS in Armenia that are the reason so many would-be Indian doctors have been flocking there. These include all of the following:

The costs involved with an MBBS in Armenia are significantly lower than those associated with completing the course at an Indian university. For those Indian students who need to be concerned with keeping their educational costs to a minimum, this can put the MBBS within their financial reach, something that it might not be ‘back home’.

There are more than 30 hospital and clinic facilities attached to the universities in Armenia that offer the MBBS. This offers students the opportunity to get hands-on, real-life experience across a number of medical disciplines, something that will prove invaluable once their initial MBBS studies are over and they are ready to move on into the ‘real world’ of work.

An MBBS obtained in Armenia is fully accepted in India and, provided a candidate can pass the Indian Board of Medicine licensing exam, something that any new doctor must do, regardless of where they obtained their education.

Studying abroad offers Indian students a new global perspective that will benefit every area of their life. Culturally and politically there is a great deal to be learned and, as many locals speak several different languages quite fluently it is not unusual for Indian students taking the MBBS in Armenia to end up doing the same themselves.


In addition to being the capital city of Armenia Yerevan also hold the distinction of being one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. The Urartian military fortress of Erebuni (Էրեբունի) was founded in 782 BC by the orders of King Argishti I at the site of modern-day Yerevan and the city has never been unoccupied since, although throughout its sometimes-turbulent history its rule has changed hands a number of times, something that is evidenced even today by the wide variety of architectural styles that exist in the city.

Modern-day Yerevan is a bustling centre of commerce and culture. An independent state since the dissolution of the Soviet Union it is a multi-party state that maintains close political ties with Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Yerevan is home to a large number of museums, art galleries and libraries and although it is a rather urban city there are a number of formal green spaces and parks for students to enjoy and trips to the countryside are just a short bus ride away.

The predominant religion in Armenia is Christian, but as often oppressed peoples themselves Armenians are welcoming to all faiths. And wondering about the food? As a country that has seen rule from Iran, Turkey, Greece and Soviet Union (among others) it should come as no surprise to find that the cuisine is very diverse, and yes, you’ll find it’s not even too hard to find an Indian restaurant if you crave a taste of home!


Although, as we mentioned, entrance into Armenian universities is rather straightforward there are requirements Indian students must meet before they can do so. These include (but may not be limited to) all of the following

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age in December before they intend to seek admission for an MBBS in Armenia.
  • General/Open Class students will need to have completed high school and taken the high school exam and scored at least 50% in PCB Group
  • ST/SC/OBC will need to have completed high school and taken the high school exam and scored at least 45% in PCB Group
  • Students must be in possession of a formal student visa issued by the Armenian Embassy in India. They will need a number of formal documents from their high school to obtain said visa, as well as financial records from themselves and their parents. Our experts are always ready to assist you and will be happy to do so in ensuring that all of these documents are in order and that the visa process runs smoothly.
  • As is the case for any university admission almost anywhere, students will be required to undergo a physical.

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