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Low-Cost MBBS Study In Abroad For Indian Students

MBBS in Abroad


It is the dream of every student to pursue a career in the medical field. Getting an MBBS degree is the first milestone for any student towards their journey of becoming a doctor. Students who wish to learn medicine from the top universities in low budgets are not getting good opportunities to pursue it in India. Studying MBBS abroad can make this reality as there are many opportunities for MBBS aspirants to fulfill their dreams.


If you’re looking to study MBBS abroad, the real phase is when the candidate sits down for a foreign medical graduate exam (FMGE) or medical council of India (MCI) screening test. The best destinations to study MBBS abroad destinations are Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, etc. These universities offer low-cost MBBS in abroad for Indian students or any other international students and are recognized by eminent organizations such as WHO and are enlisted with MCI. Because of this, students can practice medicine anywhere in the world.


Why students should prefer to study MBBS abroad?

  • No entrance exams. Admissions are based on 12th standards PCB results.
  • No donation fees required to get admission in any medical college abroad.
  • Students receive the highest standard of education
  • All the medical universities are MCI and WHO recognized
  • The medium of education is English
  • Students of India do not have to face any Racism or discrimination
  • Indian food is easily available
  • MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost is available only between 15 – 25 lacs approximately.
  • Living cost is low in these countries


What are the advantages to study MBBS abroad for Indian students?

  • Quality of Education: Medical universities abroad have vast experiences in providing education to the students and still the fees are low as compared to the fees in India. The syllabus comprises of theory and field practice.
  • Cost of Education: The education fees to study MBBS in India approved by MCI is much more compared to the fees abroad which are recognized by MCI and WHO. All these medical colleges have better infrastructure in comparison to that of Indian universities. It’s almost half of the fees a student pays for education in India.
  • Cost of Living: Doing MBBS abroad at a low cost is also possible because of the cost of living in the same as you live in your home country. After passing the eligibility test that is required to begin the MBBS course, the students easily get a license in India after coming back
  • MCI Approved: MBBS degree in abroad has MCI approval in India. The top 10 medical colleges in Abroad have the syllabus that is required by the MCI screening test for the licensing in India. The MBBS course taught abroad covers all the latest developments required.
  • Accepted Worldwide: MBBS in abroad for Indian students gives the student a large field to explore. These universities give complete back support from the entrance to the field to getting a job.


Some important factors to be considered in choosing a medical college to study MBBS in abroad for Indian students:

Choosing an appropriate medical college is necessary for any Indian student. Below are some of the tips to follow to select the best medical university to study MBBS abroad.

  • Be familiar with the ranking details of the university selected.
  • Get complete details on the medical course, faculties, curriculum, no. of students, etc.
  • Students to check out about recognition of the universities they are applying to.
  • All the costs including tuition fees and accommodation.
  • To check if the selected University offers MCI screening coaching or not.
  • One can also check on the no. of Indian students studying at the selected university.
  • Check if the language of education is English.


The duration of MBBS in abroad countries is 6 years including 1 year of the internship program which includes working in multi-national organizations across the globe. It is one of the best ideas to pursue medical study abroad compared to the infrastructure, competition level, innovations and abundance of quality.


10 reasons! MBBS in Abroad VS MBBS in India


  • India is far away from the 500 universities in the world’s best universities ranking. Despite all the potential and abilities an Indian student has, they perform less as compared to an Indian student studying abroad.
  • When studying abroad, you will have to do your own work, find a job that can take care of your cost of living and expenses while staying abroad. A student gets an opportunity to become more dependable, reliable and self-sufficient, which overall makes a student an independent and confident professional.
  • Without the help of your parents, a student becomes capable to manage their day with many academic and extra-curricular activities which makes them more adjustable to the new habitat.
  • The education abroad exerts more focus on developing practical skills making one ready for a promising career.
  • One gets an opportunity of living and studying in a multi-ethnic environment which is not possible in India. Student gets an opportunity to study and work with people belonging to different culture or religion which increases one’s level of thinking.
  • Studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students gives great chances to see new places during their holidays and long weekends.
  • Educational universities abroad provide social benefits to its students like free health care, free libraries, scholarships with huge discounts on transportation, food, shopping, accommodation, etc.
  • India is a massive student bank, thus the number of Indian students going abroad has increased and Indian students now prefer to accomplish their MBBS abroad.
  • Many financial institutions have come forward to Aid potential Indian medical aspirants for quick funds, simultaneously foreign medical universities provide great sponsorships for deserving Indian students to study MBBS abroad.
  • MBBS Abroad consultants: Education consultation for MBBS in Abroad like Eklavya Overseas help Indian medical students to pursue recognized medical courses and bring the knowledge back to India.


Thus, an aspiring student can fulfill their dream of becoming a successful doctor by studying MBBS abroad offering lost cost fees.

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